Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August Has Flown By

Well, I'm really overdue for a little update here on the ol' blog. August has just flown by!

Spending a few days on the Long Beach peninsula was such a refreshing break in our summer, as it always is. The weather was much cooler and we even had a bit of rain which felt wonderful, especially that light misty rain. Of course, catching up with the family was pure pleasure, although there were quite a few missing from the usual gang.

The boys are old enough now to take off on their own to spend time on the beach with their cousins. They all took several walks away from the campground, enjoying their time together and goofing off on the beach.

My DH and I enjoy driving on the beach, well he does the driving. This is where four wheel drive is really nice - high tide - and it got even higher on our way back. When the weather is nice, we love packing up the car and finding a nice spot on the beach to spend some time. Everything is handy in your car, no loading and unloading tons of gear and hauling it to your spot - you really get spoiled! Plus if it gets a little too windy for me, I can escape to the car while the family continues to enjoy the beach.

We went on down to Astoria and Warrenton, finding a brand new dog park! We took Fritz out for a quick romp, but he wound up spending his time sniffing around the new surroundings and wasn't much interested in playing. Then we went on out to Fort Stevens State Park to take a gander at the campground. After that quick visit, we've decided we would like to spend a few days there next year exploring the bike paths and the historic fort.

Don't you know on the day we left, the sun broke out! Oh well, we still had a great time and we'll be back again next year.

Since then, we've been getting the boys' school schedules and registering for sports, plus a myriad of miscellaneous chores and errands. This week is the county fair where my boys are spending quite a bit of time at the Child Evangelism booth face painting and giving out balloons to the kids. Our smocking guild spent a few hours in the Home Ec building last night demonstrating smocking and other needlearts.

Next week is the beginning of school! Ack!! Gotta get ready for that 6 a.m. alarm!


Barbara said...

August really has flown by, but your pictures in this post bring back a bit of very nice summer feeling!

Sharon said...

Oh yes, I am already feeling the pain from that alarm clock. Sounds like you all had a great end to your summer.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I know all too well the feeling of getting 'back to normal' after the children have had a break from school.

Lelia said...

Enjoy your funness before school begins.
Alex started last Weds & Nic started today.
Hard to re-groove into a different routine

Sonda in OR said...

We camped at Fort Stevens this year...but we've decided we're going to get a Yurt next year! I really loved Astoria.