Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Brendan is just shy of two weeks post-op and I must say that he's doing very very well, praise God! Swelling has subsided a lot, the tight bands have been removed and replaced by looser bands that at least allow him to speak more clearly and eat mashed food rather than pureed. Until you're on a liquid diet you don't realize how much your appetite is piqued by a beautiful plate of food. Whir it all in a blender and it may taste good, but it's not appetizing. :) So now it's just a matter of time for the healing to complete, swelling subside, and nerves regenerate. The docs are all pleased, too, that the surgery has accomplished what was intended - hurray!

So the need for my nursing skills are decreasing and my chauffeuring time has increased. Kids get way too busy in the summer!! What I need to do is kick my inner laundress into gear. :D

But instead I got in a quick bit of creative satisfaction by making up these thank you cards using a new stamp set I recently bought. Loved doing that square card and think I'm going to be using that sketch again for more cards.

Of course, the garden receives a little attention each day. I've ordered three roses that are ready to be planted, but the garden bed isn't ready for them yet. Gotta keep plugging away at that - and get more steer manure.

So with everything else that's going on in my life right now, what do I begin planning today? Smocking projects! You know my granddaughter is growing like a weed - she's six months old now - and I haven't made her any of those long-dreamed-of smocked dresses yet (except for the christening gown, which is different). And then as I'm looking at baby patterns, I find a cute dress for an older girl, and Kirsten begged me to make it. Ahhh, how can I put it off any longer? She's growing so fast, she soon will be too big for such a dress. So here's what I found today to begin the process - fabric!

The pinks are for Ilse. The solid is Imperial batiste, a cotton/poly blend that smocks and sews up beautifully. The floral I saw at the shop and simply couldn't pass it up!

These are for Kirsten's dress. This color scheme should make the dress useful clear through the fall and into winter with a blouse!


Barbara said...

How do you do it all, Von?! Please share your secrets!!!

Very glad Brendan's doing so well. :D

lena-lou said...

I enjoyed the Mirror Twins link Von.

I am sending a big hug to Brendan, he is very brave getting all this work done !! Yikes it sounds awfully painful but... oh boy ;-) he will look gorgeous when it has all settled down :-))
These fabrics for the dresses are beautiful, I think it is lovely that kristen still wants a dress , will it be smocked ? I bet my Amy would like one if she saw it as she still like the odd dress :-))
Take care (((hugs)))

Wendy said...

Poor Brendan! And poor you, mothers suffer too when their kids are unwell. I'm so happy to hear that he is progressing along well and will soon be back to normal.

And I will be looking forwards to pictures of the dresses you are making! Sorry but the fabric pics didn't show up for me.

Lynn said...

Those fabrics are so pretty Von. Unfortunately I never learned to sew so this Grandma hits the mall instead for all those little girly dresses. I do remember my Mom doing some smocking though and have always loved the look of it.
Glad to hear that Brendan is coming along well. I can just imagine how unappetizing those meals must be!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Von, I just caught up on all your doings - I'm glad your son is feeling better now, what a trial! Your vacation pictures are stunning, I had to show my DH who was born in Portland and grew up in Alaska and loves mountains, rivers, and pine trees. :) I can't wait to see pictures of your smocking projects when they come to life. Oh, and lovely cards!

Anonymous said...

You have been nominated for a Kreativ Blogger Award: http://litlaskvis.wordpress.com/2008/07/20/535/

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

So glad the healing process is going well. Love the fabrics you picked. Happy Smocking, CJ

Sharon said...

Wonderful to hear that Brendan is doing well! Lovely cards and lovely fabrics too.

Jenna said...

I glad to hear that Brendan is convalescing quite nicely. You're such a good nurse. :) Those cards are absolutely stunning! I hope that someday I progress to your level of prowess in making these.