Monday, May 05, 2008

VS Retreat, The Last Part

Saturday morning we got off to a great start with Thea going over some of the trickier parts of the Mermaid Song design. Of course, when we arrived in the classroom, there was another gift!

Lunch was on our own and some went off for fish and chips on the harbor, Connie and I ate with Thea and Marty at the Days Inn. After lunch, Lisa gave us some tips for finishing the various pieces in Mermaid Song, and we kept on stitching away. There was once again another gift waiting for us!

On Friday, Thea raffled off a bunch of awesome gifts from VS and various needlework suppliers.

On Saturday after lunch the retreaters who prepared an exchange gift, exchanged our gifts. I received a special tin from Viv, and

Viv received my floss tag and some WDW floss.

Dinner time came and the whole group decided to eat once again at Days Inn since many of the local restaurants couldn't take a group of 20 on a few hours notice - on Saturday and with lots of runners in town for a marathon on Sunday. After dark, Connie and I took a quick walk down Belleville Street and had some fun with our cameras.

B.C. Parliament Building

Sunday morning we got up early in order to get the car down to the ferry before the races started. Good decision! Back at the hotel we ate a quick breakfast, then hurried back down to the ferry. But hold on - the race had begun and the street was FILLED with runners with hardly a break in the crowd! Finally we saw our chance and scurried across the street to the ferry staging area, getting there well before Customs officials began their check.

After the hurry to get to the staging area, we had to sit and wait. We finally got the Expedition on the Coho ferry, then went upstairs to find a spot to sit next to a window. Our friend, Jo-Celle, was first in the overflow line, and with the reserved area not entirely full, she made it onto the ferry and joined us for the trip over to Port Angeles.

All too soon, I was dropping off Connie at her home, then back on the road to my own home. Now even more than a week later, I'm missing my time in Victoria and all my new friends and especially the pampering! One day I hope to attend another. :)


shakatak66 said...

Oh my goodness, what an exceptional trip! I feel like I was there ... and wish dearly that I was. I'm in love with the mermaid design, and will definitely have to add that to the wishlist when it's released in print :) After hearing about what an amazing time you both had, I'm seriously tempted to consider coming over myself at some stage ... I have family in BC that I've never met, and it would be great to combine a stitching retreat at the same time ... hmmm, food for thought ;) Great stash and gifts you got as well :D

Sharon said...

What a great retreat! Thanks for sharing it Von!

Jenna said...

Thanks for the full account, Von! It was lovely to take a virtual trip with you to the retreat. And all of those goodies - wow! I'm so glad that you had a good time.