Monday, May 12, 2008

May Days

Potted geraniums in my deck planter - done. Lots more pots yet to plant.

A wedding card for Ged and Adeline - done. Yet to do: graduation cards and more wedding cards, oh yes, birthday cards too.

Each item checked off the list makes way for five or six more!

My Brendan had his 17th birthday on the 3rd of May. Also on that day he was the best man for his friend Ged! So we celebrated Ged and Adeline on the 3rd, then had a family celebration for Brendan at home on the 4th.

Bethany and Brendan

On Saturday (10th) we had a picnic at a nearby park with my dfil and his wife who were visiting us from Boise. Gary's dad gets around in an electric scooter these days, so it's difficult for him to come to our home, which is a typical 60s rancher - narrow entry, thresholds to deal with, no ramp, that kind of thing. Luckily the weather cooperated with us pretty well. It was a fairly warm day, mostly cloudy, a breeze chasing napkins off the table now and then, so with a sweater it was very pleasant. Dd Mystie joined us with her three young ones, as did Aska's cousin and her two girls from Spokane. We grilled burgers and enjoyed fresh fruit, potato salad and cookies while watching the kids run and play.

Of course, Sunday was Mothers' Day and my kids feted me wonderfully well. The younger ones made me a nice card, Kevin made breakfast, Melanie brought home dinner after church, and Geoff left me a surprise on the driver's seat of my car, which I found after church. In the gift bag was a tiny little box with sweet diamond earrings inside! I tell you, he's really spoiling his mother!

Coming up this week: Smocking guild meeting, stamp club, and another wedding on Saturday.


Connie said...

Lucky girl who nabs Geoff. You have trained him well in the gift giving department!!! How wonderful!

Sharon said...

Busy days! Happy belated Birthday to Brendan! Geoff does give some fabulous gifts-too sweet.

Barbara said...

It sounds busy, but oh-so homey and good. :) Happy Mother's Day (even if it is a few days late). :D

Dianne said...

Wow, and to think this time of the year was just for gardening. : )
Very decent gift! I got two hibiscus from my Sean.