Thursday, May 15, 2008


Still playing around with my stamps and pretty papers.

I'm also playing with a makeshift light box for photographing things. There's lots of changes I need to make, but the basic idea is pretty good! I think it will work for small stitched items too. :)

It's getting warm today and will really heat up Friday and Saturday, just in time for a friend's outdoor wedding reception. Who would have thought we'd be facing 95^plus with the cold spring we've been having!! Next week it'll be back down to the 70s . . . ahhhh much better.


Sandra Ree said...

What a great idea Von, your card is just beautiful and it photograhed really pretty in your makeshift box! I just love running across such talented and clever people. :)

Sharon said...

Pretty card-love the colors.

Jenna said...

Beautiful card, as always, and the light box is a really great idea!