Thursday, March 27, 2008


This cold bug has definitely put me behind schedule, but I've been working away bit by bit on Vonna's NRR. The mailing date is fast approaching so I'll have to devote as much time as possible to stitching - oh poor me! :D

We do have some plans for the weekend, however. Tomorrow we'll be hitching the trailer to the Expedition and heading up to Yakima for the geocache "machine" the club up there is hosting this weekend. It'll be geocaching from sun up to sun down on Saturday for DH and the twins. Kirsten and I will probably spend a portion of the day with them. I like to drive while DH navigates and I can stitch while the boys hunt - works out pretty well. With the activities already planned, I don't have to do too much cooking so it'll be a fun time for all of us. Just hope the weather isn't awful!

Gotta get back to folding the laundry, then putting in a few more stitches on that rr!


lena-lou said...

Hope you have a grand weekend coming up , sounds good to me :)

I do agree though ;-) Poor you having to nestle down to some serious NRR stitching !! :D :D
The teaser looks very interesting (love the colours) so you will have to hurry up ; )) I want to see more please :D

Take care and I am so glad you are feeling much much better !

Vonna said...

I love what I'm seeing so far ;) And I'm with you on the get the cold over with deal...I'm on my third week and I still have the dry hacking cough and full head....ugh!

Sharon said...

Whatever that is looks pretty great already! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mel in Dubai said...

Looking forward to seeing more of Vonna's NRR.

Have a great weekend geocaching!

Barbara said...

Von, this closeup of your stitching is humbling. Your stitches are so perfect!!

Andrea said...

Ahhhh, can't wait to see what your teaser turns into. Hurry up! LOL.

Ginger said...

Hi Von - I hope the snow and brrr! didn't ruin the weekend for anyone... I was up there helping a baby, and then milking goats when I came back for the postpartum visit. Cute babies all over the farm in Selah.