Friday, January 04, 2008

Gray, Dark January

The January doldrums are settling in on my psyche already as we've had gray, damp days with a whole 'nuther week of it coming up. So motivation to begin a stitching project is nil, I haven't even picked up a book.

What I have done, though, is run 8 or 9 loads of laundry for my almost-ready-to-deliver-baby #3 daughter as their dryer element on the new dryer went out on them last week. Laundry piles up with two little boys, and she's getting ready for a home birth so all the old towels/sheets had to be hauled out and laundered too. Matt has been doing the lion's share of heavy chores and with still more baby preparations ahead, I insisted that I could do the laundry for them. The dryer was finally fixed on Thursday, I will deliver the final load this morning, and that's one area taken care of.

Baby Ilse is prepping her mommy for delivery, getting into position and all that. We expect her to make an appearance in the next few days - yay!

I've also been playing with my ipod nano, loading up an audiobook, lots of new podcasts, and a few pictures of the family.

Today dd Kirsten and I are all on our own as DH has taken the twins off on a geocaching weekend in Vancouver - where they will be thoroughly soaked according to the weather reports, but will still have fun. With the other homeschooled kids gone, Kirsten and I are going to play hookey too and leave for the mall pretty soon, then lunch at Red Robin, and some Costco shopping. What I really feel like doing is curling up in a ball under a bright light, but maybe getting out will be better for me. :)


Vonna said...

Good luck with the new Grandbaby :)
I'll keep everyone in my thoughts as the blessed day arrives!

Wawanna said...

May all go well with this birth, and everyone be healthy. It is so exciting, such a miricle and a joyful time. Hope you had some fun shopping & all.

Ginger said...

Hi Von - Give M. my best and I will be praying for her.. A girl, eh? How cool is that? Wishing you all joy.

Sharon said...

How exciting Von! You are such a good Mom! Wishing you and your family all the best in the days ahead!

Karoline said...

A new grandaughter must be the perfect antidote to the January blues.

I shall be keeping them in my thoughts and prayers for a safe delivery.

Barbara said...

Please give Mystie my love and best thoughts for the upcoming birth. I'm so excited for her!!! :D

Hopefully a new grandbaby will banish those mid-winter blues for you, too!

Dianne said...

How exciting-your first granddaughter! I told my son when the time rolls around that I'd like 3 girls from him and his missus! ; )
I know-it's dreary here too. My cold thingie is finally giving me a break. We'll go to BJs/Sams soon so Sean can have stuff to eat out of his dorm room. Shopping is a good cure all.

Connie said...

Von, do you have a Dazor? Open it up and carry it around with you all day!!! It might help!!

We're praying for Mystie and excitedly watching for the good news of a safe arrival!!!

Did you suffer any of the effects of the wind that caused so much damage in Walla Walla? The claims dept was super busy on Friday!!!

Dawn said...

I hope all goes well with the grandbaby's arrival. I am sure that will brighten your day some:)

Bine said...

All my thoughts are with your daughter for your granddaughters birth. And I love the little babys's my moms name as well:)

Cathy B said...

Von - belated thanks for the Christmas card. Your handmade cards are really beautiful!

How exciting - a new grandbaby anyday! What a wonderful mom/grandma you are to do all of that laundry!

Hope you see some sunshine soon!

anneke said...

hi Vonna,
another grandbaby! how nice that you can cuddle with a granddaughter one of these days.
I hope everything goes well for your daughter and her family.
I loved your 'The Year That Was'. A happy new year to you too!

Jenna said...

Oh I so know how you feel about the grey days of winter. Usually there's some snow to help brighten and enhance whatever sunlight we get, but not this year, at least not at my place. :(

Kathryn said...

I'm glad to see you enjoying your iPpod Nano. They are really easy to use aren't they? My only problem with my iPod right now is that I can't always walk around with the earbuds in my ears. At MacWorld I ordered a clock/radio with an iPod plug in so that when I am in the kitchen I can listen through speakers.