Monday, December 03, 2007

Deb's Forest Home

LHN's "Lakeside Lodge" was the inspiration for Deb's country home round robin.

I chose it because Deb lives in the woods near Houston, plus the lake and wildlife in the design reminded me of our camping days with DH's family on the shores of Deadwood Reservoir in Idaho. Little did I know that this design has languished in Deb's stash, unstitched, for a long time, and she was raised in Idaho! How cool is that?!

Deb, I enjoyed stitching this design for you and am so thrilled that you're pleased with it, as well as discovering our Idaho connection!


tkdchick said...

Von you did a lovely job with Deb's RR

Sharon said...

Von, it looks great!

Connie said...

Very nicely done, Von!!!

Barbara said...

What a serendipitous connection! And of course the stitching is fabulous! :D

Abi said...

It looks great Von!

Dianne said...

Obviously you have ESP. : )
This is sweet!

Lelia said...

Hey Von: Your block is beyond awesome : ) Job well done.

And, it really is a small world if you stitched those bears, too. I swear, my Mom made so many & gave them all away. All I did was help her get the smaller ones stuffed. I don't think anybody complained about them & I am certain my siblings still have their bears, too.

Can you believe the pattern is still available? It is a classic.

I moved furniture around & hope to get the trim done this week. The wood needs some furniture oil.

It is my opinion that if the floors & windows are clean, the clutter isn't as noticable. That is my opinion & I'm sticking to it.


Leena said...

It's beautiful, a really lovely design!

Carol said...

Beautiful job on Debby's RR!!