Thursday, November 15, 2007

Twelve Out of Thirteen

9-11 year old girls agree that cross-stitch is easier than traditional embroidery. *Poll results taken after Explorer class yesterday.

What a time we had trying to teach the stem stitch and lazy-daisy stitch to my Explorers (AHG) group! Most haven't spent much time with a needle in their hand, other than their previous cross-stitch project, so I thought I'd settle for them getting the motion of the stitch down, working on size of stitches, consistency, etc. later. Some of the girls did o.k., one girl in particular just isn't interested at all, lol. Then there is Hannah, my shining little stitching star, who has done some embroidery projects at home and so sweetly helped the girls sitting near her when my helper and I were busy with other girls.

Two stitches taught, three more to go next time - ack!!

The girls in the older group are doing well with their LHN design. I did have to pop over to help one girl find where she was off in her counting, what needed to be frogged and get her going again. Not bad!!


Sweet Pea said...

I remember struggling with those stitches a little when I learned them in Girl Scouts - they're not so easy for beginners!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

So nice that you are passing on your craft to these young ladies. I want to do this one day soon as well. Maybe a News Year resolution for me.

Sharon said...

Your good! I don't think I could have mangaged it.

Jenna said...

I'm so glad that you are teaching this to girls to keep the craft alive! I'm even happier that some are really picking it up. :)

Hannah said...

All Hannah's must be alike. haha =)