Thursday, October 25, 2007


Kevin and Kyle seemed to enjoy their low-key birthday on Monday. Thank you all for your happy birthday wishes! We had the entire family here for dinner so all the leaves had to be put into the table to seat eleven - it would have been twelve, but Melanie works after school so joined us late. Friday they have invited a few friends for an overnighter, so the celebration continues!

Putting the extra leaves in the table has had me thinking about the upcoming Christmas holiday when we have a real houseful of people. There just has to be some way to rearrange the furniture to better accommodate all of us! I think I've come up with an idea and I'll test it out in a couple of weeks after I get the carpet cleaned. If it doesn't work, I'll just have to fall back on the usual arrangement. How can it be that twenty years ago this house seemed to be so large? Lol!

Tuesday I got hit pretty hard with a cold. After taking a nap in the afternoon and going to bed early that night, I was feeling better. Well enough at least to teach my American Heritage Girls group on Wednesday. We are continuing our counted cross-stitch lessons and they're doing pretty well, but I think I may have to try to schedule a couple of extra Saturday sessions in order to get the projects done before we have to move on to another badge. In addition to my own class, next week I'm going to get the older girls started on a x-s project. These girls are in grades 7 and up and should be very easy to teach. I'm thinking I'll find a couple of Christmas ornament projects for them to work on.

As for my own stitching, I'm still going through my stash, narrowing down my choices for Debby's NRR. Yesterday morning as I was going through old x-s magazines, my son (who shall remain nameless) knocked my coffee cup over spilling coffee onto the carpet, magazines, and table by my stitching chair. So magazines have been drying out all over the room, and the carpet really needs to be cleaned now, but no lasting damage has been done.

As you can see I've been playing with my blog template. So many of my friends have been changing things up a bit, I felt like I should do the same. After all my blog hasn't been changed for over two years, lol! I love the idea of changing it every season, but as I said to my dd the other day, I find it hard to justify playing with my template when I can't even keep up with my laundry! :)


Von said...


Dianne said...

Happy belated birthday to the boys! Wow-14!!! Sean and the fellas almost share the same bd!
Glad you are feeling better.
I really like the font on your blog.

Barbeeque4 said...

Hi Von,
I like the new look of the blog!!!! Happy Birthday to your boys!!! Hope you are feeling better for the weekend. Take care!!


Mishka said...

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lena-lou said...

Loved reading all your news and catching up, Happy Birthday to the boys !! You made me laugh about laundry and blog templates, I get the same problem lol anyway this new look is great :-))
Enjoy your weekend dear Von !

Nancy in IL said...

Von, you are one BUSY lady!!! I just read that you have 7 kids. I knew you had those cute twins, but I wasn't sure how many more you had. You're an amazing woman!

You sound like a fun family to be around and sounds like the boys had a great birthday, baking their own cake and all. With a large family, the kids have to learn to do things themselves, and they're so much better off!

You may not keep up with laundry, but you manage to stitch THE MOST beautiful designs I've ever seen. Acorns and Threads is simply stunning! I LOVE it! Must look into it, as I have absolutely nothing else to stitch now.... yeah, right, LOL!

Healing hugs to you too, sweet girl, with your cold and all. Thanks for a lovely visit to your blog!