Thursday, July 19, 2007

Crazy Quilt, Crazy Life

Even with plenty of subject matter to blog about, computer time has been almost nil this week. My four youngest kids are in a homeschool production of "The Merchant of Venice" this weekend, so we've been getting costumes together, sewing on those costumes, getting to rehearsals, etc., all week long. It's lots of fun, great for the kids, but a huge time absorber!

The last couple of days have brought us relief from the 105 degrees F temps we've been having, so I took advantage and did lots of weeding and some planting while it's only 89^! Early yesterday we also had a lovely thunderstorm which washed the skies, so that they're once again a crystal clear blue. This condition won't last long with all the wildfires we have in the West. Dd Melanie is still out there somewhere fighting fires. She and her dbf took training with a private fire management company in the spring and while we were in Alaska, they got a call to report for duty and we haven't seen them since. It's been several days now since I last spoke with M. I get to feeling a little frantic about her, but figure her cell phone has lost its charge, she's not in range, and if something happened bad happened to her, we'd hear from the company. Last I knew she was in central Oregon having finished one job, waiting to be transported to the next job but didn't know where that would be.

As I've had some time while waiting for kids at play practice, I've been stitching on my crazy quilt heart for the smocking guild. It needs to be completed for tonight's meeting and I think I have just a little more to add and it'll be done.

That's one deadline met, now I have to get crackin' on Heather's Neighborhood RR!!


LiLi said...

Está muito lindo!


quiltorstitch said...

Your heart block is just gorgeous! I love the detail you added to it with embroidery wow. Your daughter is out fighting wild fires? That would be a tough job, good for her for helping out with that. You are right, she’ll be fine, but I would be like you and worry a lot :) That is what mothers do best. I bet your kids’ play will be so much fun, that is awesome!

*cracks whip* You get that NRR done! LOL!

Wendy said...

Fighting forest fires would be an incredibly tough job! What a brave girl!! And brave Mom for staying at home worrying!

Your Crazy heart is very sweet, and appropriate too.

Sharon said...

I know your daughter will be great-amazing that she took that on! I hope you will hear from her soon.

Your quilt square is gorgeous! Love it.

Barbara said...

No news is good news, Von. Though I must admit, I would be biting my nails if it were my daughter, too. You take care - and hopefully by the time you've read this, Melanie will have contacted you. :)

I had no idea it was so hot and dry out there. Haven't heard a word of it from my family around Tacoma. Take care!!

Oh, your square is STUNNING!

bunnyhead said...

Oh how pretty! Amazing work :)

Dawn said...

I love your heart square! It is beautiful:)

Isabelle said...

Von, that is some stunning work. Everything you touch, you turn into beauty.

Hope that your daughter will call you this weekend!

June said...

Here's praying that Melanie is fine and that you'll hear from her soon.

Lavender Rose said...

Von, I love your resilience as a loving mother, and your stitches taken as you wait. Like so many needlewomen who have come and are, and will be...our needlework keeps us going in good times and anxious ones. Your crazy quilt heart is a testament to your love of children and home, and needlework...I'd frame it!!!
Hugs and much love,
your friend,

A Woman Who is: said...

Beautiful work. So fun to visit your blog and see all you have been up to lately. I am in love with this piece.