Friday, February 02, 2007


The sun - I see the sun! Oh, the joy of blue skies.

The sun may not visit us for long, but I am determined to enjoy it today as Friday is my errand day. I may spend a few extra minutes sitting in my XP, soaking in the rays.

The heavy grayness of January clouded my mind and I neglected to write about the new needlework shop in town! You know the weather's awful when something like that gets lost in my brain. :) The shop is Jackie's NeedleArtMania. She's had an online store for several years, specializing in needlepoint canvases and threads. Now with a storefront she is expanding her line into all the needlearts, altho currently the canvases take up lots of wall space. I spent more than an hour chatting with Jackie last week when I finally had a chance to get over to Pasco.

My first impression on entering the store was that I'd never seen so many threads in the Tri-Cities! The downside is they were all sorts of DMC; the upside is that since her trip to market, she is expanding her line to include some overdyes and silks, even some silk ribbon. A fully-stocked Mill Hill bead carousel was just added, and Krienik abounds. She is so excited to be learning about the broader scope of the needlearts world and plans to have classes of all kinds; I'm just wondering where she's going to do all this as her store is full right now. Jackie doesn't currently have a wide variety of linens, but she's eager to special order anything. There was, however, a gorgeous piece of Belfast linen in Confederate Gray which I bought a length of for my Neighborhood RR. I was pleased to find that her price matched the best online prices. With her online business continuing and her willingness to learn and help her customers, I'm optimistic that Jackie will be successful.


Barbara said...

Wow, blue skies and a real bricks & mortar LNS?! You hit the jackpot!!! I hope you're enjoying a wonderful day!!

Vonna said...

Having a LNS close is a blessing that recently happened to me as well...I too get a little frustrated because they don't have all the things I want at the time I want them...but I think they are learning more as they go!

Confederate Grey will be smashing for your RR!

Soak up that sun!!

Chelle said...

Hurrah, a real shop! Nothing beats a real-life floss toss for finding the perfect fabric. The Confederate Grey sounds great for your RR. Enjoy!

Wendy said...

Lucky you ~ a new needlework shop with a very accommodating shopowner. Sounds perfect! There's nothing like being able to fondle and play with fabrics and silks in person.

AnneS said...

Woohoo, you've got blue skies!! Well, I hope they're still blue by the time you receive this ;) Your LNS sounds wonderful - and with an accommodating shopowner too ... sounds perfect! :D