Thursday, January 11, 2007

V is for

I had a bit of sticky fun a few days ago decorating this wood "V" I picked up at Michaels awhile back. The paper and ribbon were already here in my stash, so I started tearing and gluing. So much fun! Gotta do more of these.

Last week I took the twins in for their first orthodontist visit. They're 13 now and really do need to begin getting their teeth straightened while they're still growing. Older brother, Brendan, is already a regular visitor of Dr. Brown's. So that makes three kids in braces at once, three separate orthodontist bills, no insurance. Sigh. You know how I thought maybe I could go without sleeping? Think we could all go without eating too? Lol!

As hard as it is to make these payments, it's a whole lot easier to pay for three sets of braces now than it was when our oldest first got her braces. At that time my dh was just beginning his business and money was practically nonexistent. Ten years later and lots of unbelievably hard work (mostly on dh's part) have put us in a better situation. At least well enough that three kids in braces is doable; thank you Lord!

In fact, we have just started leveling the ground in preparation to begin building a new home for Mid-Columbia Insurance! Most of last year was spent in negotiation for the land and then wrangling with the various city government offices. All that has been dealt with and if everything goes according to schedule, the new office will be finished in May. Yeah, right. Well, at least we've started!


Anonymous said...

Love your "V". Very creative.

Stitchie Kiwi said...

That V is awesome! What a great idea. Good luck with the building!

Carol said...

Oh no, braces!!! Good luck! Great job on the V - it is very "you"

Annemarie said...

Love your 'V', Von! Good luck with all the brace woes!

Ali B said...

Dearest Von,

Just wanted to say Happy 2007 to you - I think your scissor fob, your first happy dance of the New Year, is so cute. Well done

I am back blogging - I have written an entry all about everything on my site under today's date, so I would like to welcome you over to my place!

I'm happy to be back.

Ali xxxxx

coonie said...

I love your V, very gorgeous!

Dawn said...

The V is beautiful!!

Oh my!! 3 in braces. I have one that will be getting braces in Feb and dreading it. If you have any tips on kids wearing braces (Nobody in my family has had to wear them) please pass them on. :)

Have a great weekend!!

Jenna said...

LOVE the V! I might have to steal that idea and do a star or a J for myself. Hope you don't mind! ;)

Braces. What fun. Tell the kids to wear their retainers or they will end up back in them as an adult, like I did. If they think that it's uncomfortable now, try getting them as an adult, once your teeth are fully rooted. OUCH!

bunnyhead said...

I love how you decorated your letter. That is very clever!

Wendy said...

Yikes - 3 kids in braces! The orthodontist is going to love you. We had 3 kids in braces but luckily for us at different times and insurance for 50% of the cost.

Mylene said...

The V turned out great, Von.

Our eldest have brace too, starting last year, and it was a pain in the beginning. And yes what a very expensive one, partly was covered by our insurance but our insurance is so high it is getting impossible!
Have a nice weekend.

Bine said...

I love your V. :-) It's a great idea to decorate it like this. I've never seen something like this before....but I'm going to keep it in my mind and maybe steal the idea some time ;-)