Saturday, January 27, 2007

She's Weird!

A few days ago Ruth Rachel tagged me to share in the weirdness going around the last week or so. This really stumped me because I'm really just an average sort. I asked my kids to help me out and tell me if I was weird in any way, but they just laughed and walked away. :D Nevertheless, I have come up with six weird things about me:

1. For my mental health, I need to live in a house situated in such a way that from at least one direction, I can see beyond the neighborhood. I've lived in homes that were located in a typical neighborhood, and I didn't spend much time there, or at least had to get away from the house for awhile every day. My home does not have a "view" but I can see thirty miles to the north and bits of the Columbia River. I will not move from this home (God willing) unless the new home has an even better view, not negotiable.

2. I like to iron.

3. I go to sleep much faster if I have the radio on - set to talk radio, to Coast to Coast AM in particular. This started when I was pregnant with my twins and was having difficulty sleeping. There was something about Art Bell's voice (certainly not the subject matter!) that would knock me out. It became a habit and now I really do have difficulty when I'm away from home without a radio. Art Bell doesn't host the show most nights any more, so I think just hearing the talking short-circuits my own brain.

4. I have to be different from those around me. Many in my high school class went to the University of Idaho or the college in town - I went to Boise State. Most people seem to stop at two or three children - I have seven. Many homeschoolers love co-ops - they're not my style. I guess this compliant person has a little streak of rebellion. :-D

5. My twins were born at 38 weeks gestation, vaginally, the second twin was single-footling breech, and both weighed eight pounds. I was back at home in 24 hours. . . but really should have stayed at least one more day.

6. My last child was born at home. It was a wonderful experience!

Although I think most have been tagged, I don't think Connie has been, there you go Con!


Connie said...

gee, thanks alot Von! I'm going to have to think about this! I asked Lizzie what she thought and she just laughed!!!!

quiltorstitch said...

You like to Iron? Ugh, what's your address, I'll send mine :D

Actually with 7 kids, I am sure you have plenty :D

Anonymous said...

I was born at home too :) Now the ironing thing? That's weird! ;)

Anonymous said...

You like to iron? Would you come visit me please, I could keep you very happy :)

Wendy said...

Ah Von, you little rebel you! Reading that, I realized I have always felt that way too. I hate to do what everything else is doing...except when it comes to stitching. That's the only time I feel a strong need to do what everyone else is doing.

Rachael said...

I am with you on two things. I like to be different and my house has to somehow have a side that is not hemmed in. I have managed this even when living in an apartment building.
I think it is great that you have 7 children and am a total fan of house births even though both of my kids were born in the hospital- it sounds so cosy and peaceful.

Cathy said...

All of your recent smocked gowns are beautiful!

Thanks for sharing some insight into the "weird side" of Von. :)

Lelia said...

Thanks for sharing ... I iron all the time ...

I was tagged; however, have so much weirdness ... am trying to narrow it down to just SIX!!!

Thanks for your comment on my ornament. I've spent some time flipping thru magazines to figure out the next one for the SAL.

I seem to pick the patterns with the over dye stuff I don't own ... thus, have to get creative with the fibers : )

enjoy the day