Saturday, December 30, 2006

Play Day

After sleeping in this morning {grin}, I spent several hours making these cute tiny cards at a special card workshop. Minimal cost and good company makes for a very pleasant way to spend some time. One of the gals had several extra 50% off coupons for Michael's (craft store) which she generously shared, so I dropped in on my way home and bought this little jewel:
Kirsten loves to make stickers and with this little Xyron, we can do it much easier. Of course, for most of her crafting, glue will be quite adequate and less expensive.

The house smells lovely this afternoon with all the cookie baking going on. Sunday is my turn at cookie duty - we serve coffee, juice, and cookies after morning worship service. There's not a Christmas cookie left from all my baking plus my sister's - I think she brought at least ten dozen. But with 7 teen aged boys plus husbands, cookies don't stand a chance! So today I made Snickerdoodles and a new recipe to me for Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies, mmmmmmmmmmm good!

I still haven't done any stitching this week. My craft corner was rather chaotic from all the Christmas rush, so I spent some time cleaning it on Friday. But just putting things away would make too much sense - so I moved my desk around and pulled out some boxes that I stuffed with stuff to get out of my way. Mostly, I just looked at it and wondered where I was going to put it all. Anyway, I think I'm going to like this new arrangement. When I've put a few more things away, I need to start on those leftover Christmas projects for my DD1 and grandsons, which means getting out my sewing machines. Maybe I'll feel more energetic next week.

New Year's is coming 'round soon and I suppose my resolution for this year is getting my kids to do their own laundry. Now with all the laundry I do you'd think I'd have done this years ago, but it was always just easier to do it myself. All the laundry goes to one place, I do some almost every day, everyone gets their stuff from the laundry room. Having the kids do their own laundry means having a system, and even harder, teaching the kids the new system and making them do it. We've actually already started this new system as I felt vacation time was a good time to start. I purchased all the laundry baskets and assigned each child a particular day of the week. We've now gone through the entire procedure with each of the kids and hopefully things will go smoothly. (rotfl!) We all have to learn sometime - now it's their time.


Tracy Baby said...

Hi Von glad to hear you survived the Christmas storm as well ,your cards are really lovely.As I live in the first country to see the sun rise on New Years day I will wish you a Happy New Year and good luck with the resolutions.

Isabelle said...

Hi Von! Lovely cards you've been making. I'm glad you survived Christmas :) Happy New Year!!

Sue said...

I love your cards. My bedroom is the biggest mess in our house and it's all stitching stuff! The thought of trying to really organizeit is overwhelming. After the kids go back to school I do plan on getting it organized though. Happy New Year.

Karoline said...

Lovely cards Von, congratulations. Good luck with the new laundry system. Happy New Year

Sharon said...

Hi Von, staying busy I see. I love the cards and even more I love the laundry system idea. I only have two to work with and I think it's a great idea. I may have to get it in gear this week while we are off and try that. Hope you and your family have fabulous new year too!

AnneS said...

I'm just catching up on my very favourite blogs tonight before I do the official "mark all as read", and your cards reminded me ... I can't remember if I sent you a note of thanks for my handmade Christmas card (with my phone line playing up, I can't remember what I sent from the library and work etc) - I absolutely adore it and I'm thinking of bringing it out each year to put on display ... I always treasure anything hand-made! :D