Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Checklist

Let's see how I'm doing. . . hmmm

Shopping done - no
Cards made - no
Menus planned - no
Cookies baked - no
House clean - rotfl. . . like that's going to happen!

What is done? Well the kids' tree is up and decorated in the family room. Kirsten made sure that happened. I bought a nice wreath at Costco that is hanging by our front door. The carpet cleaner will be here tomorrow to clean the living room carpet. I bought tickets to the Nutcracker Ballet. A few gifts have been bought. That's about it.

The last few days I've been a little preoccupied mentally with the Christmas card for 2006. I've been looking at card ideas online, perusing my magazines, going through my supplies, etc. Yesterday I did a little playing with some elements and today I finally had a breakthrough and came up with my card recipe! What a relief! I always feel better once I have a plan.

Other plans are cooking in my little brain. Last year we had a prime rib for Christmas dinner. Maybe this year I'll bake a ham and a turkey breast. Some sewing projects are ready to go. Why don't I start all this in July?! It'll all get done - it always does.

I've even done a bit of stitching. . . more on that later.

I'm glad many of you found my new kitchen toy, the ricer, so interesting. Coral, I'm not sure why it's called a ricer except that the extruded potato does come out at about the size of rice. Another nifty trick for this gadget is using it to squeeze the water out of your thawed frozen spinach.

Now, off to do the next thing!


Jenna said...

Ooooh! I hope that you will post a photo of one of your cards! I would love to see them. :)

AnneS said...

Yep, like Jenna I wanna see too! :D Sounds like your plan is coming together nicely ... anyway no need to panic just yet, there's still two weeks left yet ;)

Lelia said...

Your card sounds interesting. Are you thinking to insert a recipe? Or perhaps use a recipe for the card face? Totally awesome.

You must share!!!

I hope to get the lights on our railing & hang up the family stockings today. If I get motivated, may bring the artificial tree out of the shed. I prefer the real ones - but with the 4 degree temperature & 9 below zero wind chill factor -- I think I'll deal with artificial this year.

Enjoy the holidays with your family

Carina said...

Von, you have bubble lights!!! My grandparents always had them on their tree when I was a little girl and I could gaze at them for hours! Your picture brought back wonderful memories! :)

Mylene said...

Hi, i am curious too... looking forward to what you come up with the cards. I did make some and still not enough but i am not going to make any more, i'll better make a better planning next year. Have a nice weekend.

Susimac said...

Can't wait to see your cards.
Have a great weekend.

bunnyhead said...

I'd love to see a pic of the card! I had to lol at your checklist. I don't even want to try to make a checklist.

Vonna said...

Von, you must be related to me somehow because it seems you are running around like a chicken with her head cut off and thinking, thinking constantly thinking and planning...I've been *thinking* and *planning* so much I've not slept good for three days! LOL!
*had to laugh at your post on my blog....about the alcohol/conception of twins and post birth of twins alochol consumption :D
I poured a BIG glass of wine just last know Friday-end of the week-bone tired-would everyone *please* go to bed sort of night...LOL!

Carol said...

Hi Von! You sure are busy!

Lana said...

hi von! Your Ricer sounds wonderful! and I hope it saves you time in your meal preparation, especially with a houseful of guys! Don't worry! The Christmas stuff will get done, and if it doesn't , hey you always have next year, right?=) hope to see soem stitching updates soon!
ps, now you've made me hungry for mashed potatos!