Sunday, September 10, 2006

Where did the day go?

Another Saturday come and gone. What did I do?

Well, DH put up two more vertical standards for the shelves above my desk to alleviate the sagging ends. Discussed adding shelves to another wall and made the shopping list.

Miranda arrived to spend the day playing with Kirsten while her parents ran a concession booth for our church at the Pasco Fiery Food festival. She'll come home with us after church today too. So Kirsten had a most excellent day!

Dear friend, Tonya, picked up Kevin and Kyle for the ending of the summer writing class that my DD Mystie taught to a group of church kids over the summer, mostly via email.

DH too DS Brendan to the bank, then to a Yi-gi-oh tournament for the afternoon.

I did some laundry and a small bit of reorganizing, and dishes, of course.

Drove over to Pasco to pick up the kids from writing class. Went through the car wash, then we all vacuumed the XP. Took Emily home. Dropped off the twins at home, then I went to Hancock Fabrics and Craft Warehouse. Walked around fingering fabrics, went through the pattern catalogs, chose two. Found the cotton canvas and had some cut for the base of my purse project. At Craft Warehouse I found the fat quarter clearance bin and chose these for my CQ purse.

Back home, read a little email, a couple of blogs, made burritos for the girls. Then at 6 p.m. my grandsons came for the evening while their parents had dinner with friends. Jaeger didn't even fuss when his mother left! A little later, he let me know he was hungry and he wolfed down a can of green beans and some macaronis his mom brought - eating by the fistsful, he was quite entertaining! Later the two boys were wrestling on the floor and Hans pulled down one side of Jaeger's diaper and laid his head down on the soft pillow. Too funny. Soon we settled down, darkened the room and the boys were sleeping when Mom and Dad came to pick them up.

A good day.


Sharon said...

Don't you just love days like that! I know I do. Like your fabric choices-very pretty and colorful

Isabelle said...

Sounds like you were busy once more, Von! Love those FQs you got. Have a good week!

Singular Stitches said...

Sundays, for me, are ususally productive. Leave it to me to get a lot done on the day of rest...

Your Sunday sounded great!

Firey Food Festival? Oh, it's just before lunch, and that sounds excellent!

Jenna said...

Sounds like a lovely, busy day. :)

Michelle said...

Love the fabrics - those will be fabulous for your purse!

Chelle said...

The fabric is fantastic - from the clearance bin? Great find!