Thursday, September 28, 2006

Desk Corner

Life in my house seems to be a constant round of shuffling things, projects here and there, papers everywhere. I try to keep one area of my desk looking nice. I picked these pretty blossoms from my garden yesterday and thought I'd share them with you. Maybe you have a corner you'd like to share.

Yesterday afternoon my grandsons were here to play. Ever eager to help, Hans was right behind me when I started to gather dinner fixin's. I decided to make chili and about the only thing I could think for a 3yo to do was stir the pot as I poured in the beans and tomatoes. He was quite satisfied with that. Jaeger is walking so competently now. Nana loves it when his mama leaves him as that is the only time I get to hold him and love on him. If Mama or Daddy is around, no one else touches him; if they're gone, Nana is acceptable. :)

I found a little time to play with my sewing machine. I bought some Sulky rayon thread the other day, it's so nice and shiny! I especially like the multi-colored one. My sewing machine has 14 decorative stitches, Annemarie, good enough for now. I think if I ever do buy a fancier machine, I'll keep my Janome. It's been very good to me.

Thanks for leaving a comment M! I am familiar with Pam Kellogg's site and several others that I visit frequently. Lots of inspiration to be had!

Tonight is our guild meeting so I'll take my pieced front and back and get some ideas from the other gals as to what fibers I could try next and how I should apply them. It's so great to have a couple of experts in the group - they've done everything and done it well!


Singular Stitches said...

What a lovely corner! (pretty mug!!)

The crazy quilt looks great!

Mylene said...

Hi Von, first off thanks so much for dropping by and leaving comments at my blog. I do feel awkward(?) as i am not visiting blogs lately, trying too but just don't have much time, the exchanges i had signed in early this year were my priorities, i think i won't sign in much next year! To give more ME time!
Nice corner and lovely flowers you have out there.
I'm sure will follow through with your quilting. Great colours you have chosen. Best wishes,

Maria S. said...

Last weekend at a needlework show I saw a wonderful crazy quilt bag a woman made for herself. It was wonderful. She made a spider's web in one corner using pearl blending filament. There was even a body made out of a large bead that the spider had spun a cocoon around. The spider too was made of a large bead for its body and a smaller one for its head. There were too many wonderful things included on the bag to remember it all. The stitcher used her own imagination for the lovely creation.

Barbara said...

Oh, what a fun stitching project you did with your machine. Maybe if I could get mine to do that ... ha ha. I know, it's the user, not the machine.

I had a great time with Ash and Rachael and Cheryl. More details tomorrow, I hope.

Annemarie said...

Your crazy quilt purse is coming along so nicely! I love those stitches. All from a machine... that still astonishes me. I'm not good with machines :oD
Love your little nook there, too. My house must have the same amount of clutte about it. Worse, for I don't even have a nice corner. Perhaps I should make me one. Have a nice weekend, Von!

Cathy said...

I can't believe how many posts I've missed - your crazy patch purse is really coming laong nicely!

lena-lou said...

What a pretty corner, I love it when you get a little place that you love to look at and enjoy, nice flowers :-)