Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Car Stitching

I don't often have an opportunity to stitch in the car. If we're not pulling the trailer, I prefer to drive as DH enjoys playing with his pda and gps while driving. If I drive, I'm much more relaxed and he can play to his heart's content. This week's trip to Portland we traveled with our business partner and wife in their car, so I was able to sit in the back (!) and stitch a little while chatting with Marisa.

Choosing the project was difficult. I thought perhaps I'd begin a hardanger piece, but nothing called to me so I gave up on that idea. Then I found Linen Closet Labels by Liberty Street Designs that I bought last spring on my Northwest Cyberstitchers weekend. This design seemed to dovetail perfectly with my reorganizing efforts, so I cut some light blue Lugana from my stash and chose some Silk 'n Colors to use on "Silk Threads". It's a simple x-s design which I needed, for car stitching is much more difficult than cozy chair stitching! You can see that it's slow stitching in the car as I finished only three letters - but it's still a beginning and my time wasn't entirely wasted.

We had a wonderful time, by the way. On Monday evening the insurance company hosted a large group at Gustav's in Clackamas, Oregon, a German restaurant. GREAT German food! DH and I chose the pork shank, eisbein or something close to that. It was HUGE, which I didn't expect as I saw the other plates coming out. Of course, a good portion was bone. This was delicious and so tender the meat just fell off the bone. The shank was on top of the most wonderful sauerkraut I've ever had and complimented the meat to perfection. Served with garlic mashed potatoes - it just doesn't get better! I literally pigged out, then quit - not even a bite of dessert. During the meal we were able to talk with some other agents from nearby communities and meet some of the head office guys.

On Tuesday, we met at a golf clubhouse where most of the day's events were occuring. But for us non-golfers, they arranged a cruise on the Willamette River which included drinks and dessert - I chose the Snickers cheesecake (YUM). What a gorgeous day to be outside, perfect weather, sunshine and 75 degrees! Back at the clubhouse they had a buffet prepared that was great, more schmoozing with the attendees, then door prizes. Our agency walked away with the best items, including the grand prize of two tickets to a Seahawks vs 49ers football game, excellent seats (won by my DH, who cares nothing for such sporting events, lol!). But our partner won a 10 ft inflatable kayak with an inflator - so we traded - and we all got what we wanted.

We arrived home safely and now I have lots to catch up on. Doubt I get much stitching or sewing done for a couple of days - but it was worth it!


M said...

Hmmmmm ... I picked up part of a large group of folks from that ship last night. Some rode w/me, some w/another driver, and the rest decided to walk to The Governor ... hmmmmmm. :o)

You got perfect Ptld weather while you were here. I'm a HUGE Gustav's fan. Yummy.

Barbara said...

Welcome home!

Car stitching isn't easy, especially if you're trying to hold a conversation at the same time. ;>

Connie said...

Glad to hear you had a great time. Aren't door prizes fun?

In my old age I can't stitch in the car anymore...too bumpy and I end up car sick. Crocheting however I can handle.

Welcome home.

Vonna said...

Sounds like a wonderful, carefree time! Congrats on the prizes!

~Harsha~ said...

sounds like you had a great time!

Rachael said...

Sounds like a great trip. Even if it was a bit of last minute notice. Thats part of why we love'em- right?! Just the word cheesecake has me drooling- I think I better go fix some breakfast. I think that stitching the three letters in the car is great progress. I can knit if we are in a traffic jam and going slow but I can't stitch in the car at all.

Joanie said...

Sounds like you and your DH & friends had a lovely time! I like what you chose for your car stitching! Looking forward to progress pictures!

Annemarie said...

I wonder you can stitch in the car at all, Von! I'm glad you had such fun.

Jenna said...

Oh my gosh, that food all sounds fantastic. Mmmmm... :) You got some decent stitching done, too! I'm glad that you had a good time on your relatively impromptu visit.

Anonymous said...

I can't stitch in the car unfortunately, can't read either so I tend to do most of the driving :) I think you got quite a reasonable amount of stitching done!

Sounds like you had a good time on your impromptu trip too :)