Friday, September 22, 2006

BitDefender Dumped

Ahhhhhh, the relief of having my computer back to its normal self again! Earlier this week, DH installed BitDefender (anti-virus) on my computer and since that time, I've been unable to access Blogger and the computer has run sooooooo sllllloooooowwww. Finally told him what was going on and after some testing on other computers in the house, determined it was the BitDefender, perhaps interacting inappropriately with another program. Now it's gone and maybe I can catch up!

Well, it's been a rough week on the homeschooling front. Kevin and Kyle are in 7th grade this year and the curriculum is different from the grade school routine they've gotten used to. Assignments are more detailed and the daily assignment sheets I make up reflect that. However, they are still in grade school mode and getting them to notice the changes has been my goal. Also attention to detail is important as is completely reading instructions. As a result, workbooks and papers have bounced back and forth until, finally, the assignments are done correctly. Argh! Going to Portland last week was a huge setback - it's always so hard to dig out of the pile up, and their work is never that good when I'm gone, which is only natural.

Monday evening DH and I attended Kamiakin High School's open house for parents. We were very pleased with all Brendan's teachers and I was able to get my user name and password for the PowerSchool straightened out. PowerSchool is an online database of grades and attendance for each student that is updated daily. Parents can log in anytime to look at assignments, upcoming tests, current grades, etc. and can email teachers with any questions. As it turns out, Brendan has been very accurate in telling us that school is going well as he has all As and Bs. So momma is happy on that front.

No stitching progress to report, as I've been spending all my time at my desk looking at school work and sending it back to be redone. I think we're past the worst of it now, so perhaps I can take some time out today to put a few stitches into something. (written Thursday and it didn't happen) I was looking at the project I took to Portland, did a little measuring and found the the piece of linen isn't quite big enough for the design. That's what I get for putting together a project in a hurry! So I think I'll set that aside for awhile and go back to the SB ornaments from JCS Christmas mags. Maybe I'll start that VS Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Farm. Hmmmmm.

We had quite a rain shower late Wednesday afternoon and evening, which we needed very badly. The sun should be back for the weekend - perfect for getting back outside and rejuvenating in the garden. Pulling weeds is great for destressing!

Other items on my weekend list is to start piecing my crazy patch purse and to continue bringing the boxes of books into the house to shelve. Thursday I emptied about twelve boxes. Then Gary can begin to put them back in order and perhaps get rid of a few. Of the books I put on the shelves yesterday, I saw only a couple that I thought might be candidates for the Goodwill pile. Perhaps today I'll find a few more.

This rose is my Graham Thomas that has done so well this year. It starts out very golden, then lightens to a soft yellow as it opens wider. I love it!

I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend.


Jenna said...

I'm glad that you were able to get your computer issues straightened out. Hopefully the boys will get the hang of 7th grade work soon so that you can have a little less stress on the homeschoooling front.

Your rose is absolutely lovely! I hope that you are able to spend some quality time in the garden this weekend.

Annemarie said...

Computers are both a delight and a nuisance, but what would we do without them? I mean, you can even check the work Brendan does at school, isn't that fab!
I hope you can get some stitching done this weekend!

Barbara said...

I am tipping my hat to you! I can't imagine home-schooling my kids full time .... And I'm so glad that Brendan is doing so well in public school. Congratulations!!

~Harsha~ said...

home schooling, you're a super mom. I can't do it t all..

Mary Ann said...

I understand your "Argh". My 2 had to adjust to our new homeschool high school routine, but they are getting it slowly but surely.

What a pretty rose! I hope you have a great weekend!!

Isabelle said...

Good to have you back, Von! Have a great weekend :)

AnneS said...

I take my hat off you for homeschooling - you're so so organised :) And your rose is stunning! My absolute fave colour in roses is yellow ... and especially love red and yellow roses in together - yeah, I know, I'm a strange gal! ;)

Rachael said...

Kudos to you on your home schooling. It's not allowed in Germany and though I don't think I am organised enough to have done it I still sometimes wish i could have kept my kids homw longer and had more influence on what they have learned- more is better! Congrats too, to brendan on his grades- he is surely a credit to your teaching.

Lelia said...

What a beautiful rose. [I love yellow, too].

Good news re. Home Schooling & your computer activities. Seventh grade is an over-all challenge. i'm sure you already have gone thru it with your other children!

Enjoy your week-end

Cathy said...

You are a very busy lady! I'm amazed at everything that you do. Your rose is beautiful!

Ali B said...

I love the sunny yellow colour of your rose - very refreshing and cheerful. Like you, we have had some extreme rain in UK! I have put a story on my blog about me being trapped in the library at Uni with the Monsoon weather outside :-D Like you I have not done much stitching sadly - so much to do and not enough time.

Enjoy your week, Von and hope your weekend was busy and happy as ever.

Lili said...

Hi Von!
How much I relate to this homework concern! Can you imagine that Corentin had a French lesson especially dedicated to reading carefully the questions you are asked before answering?! And despite it, I have kept finding examples that he does not read them correctly?! That kind of drives me crazy, really...
Starting the VS project sounds yummy!!!
Take care!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Von! I'm glad Brendan's school is going so well. That database sounds really great - computers are really changing things so much. Hang in there with getting Kevin and Kyle back on track! Beautiful rose. :)


lena-lou said...

Well done you with the home-schooling on account of Brendans grades :-) Glad your computer is all sorted now its a pain when they don't behave! Your rose is lovely too :-)
Have a nice week