Monday, August 21, 2006

What I Stitched on Vacation

While I did have several opportunities for stitching, it looks like I made very little progress on my Stitch banner. But what I have left to do will all go quickly, so the end is in sight.

It seems I began this project with a miscount, which has led to a few compensations that had to be made. Instead of throwing out the project and starting over, I decided to go with it, after all this one is for me. The most glaring difference is in the xs boxes above and below the central hemstitched box. Three diamond eyelets are supposed to be there, but because of the miscount, I couldn't fit them in properly. So I just punted and went with the small eyelets and a central band of pulled four-sided stitch. Actually, since this is a Stitch banner, I kinda like the fact that I have changed this band to include an extra pulled thread stitch.

The next adjustment came in starting the rice stitch in a different spot to compensate for the wider thread count of this banner. Angst over these mistakes slowed me down, as well as forgetting to toss in the #12 white perle coton before leaving home and having to wait to buy some at The Twining Thread. Then I bought Anchor instead of DMC, which is the brand she has in the main part of the store, forgetting that Anchor is so much brighter! But I still think it's fine, and I'll stitch the blanket stitch border in the bright white perle coton to pull it together.

I've had a huge day today cleaning, sorting, moving stuff in the family room. We finally made the decision to not remodel the room this year. Lots of reasons for this, mainly that we've spent enough money on the other projects, but also, I'm ready to put the house back into some semblence of order. With the new school year fast upon us, I need to get the homeschooled kids' books and lessons organized and I just couldn't do it and manage another room remodel. So, as much as I'd like to have it done, we'll wait till next year. One benefit will be that I can play with the room arrangement and get the lighting right.

Now my allergies are killing me. Maybe I'll do a little more stitching then get to bed. Kirsten has a friend overnight tonight since the twins had a friend overnight the other day. Gotta get some of these things done before school starts!


Mia said...

Von, I love the progress on your project. You can't even tell you had to fudge some areas. It looks like it was all meant to be. I can't wait to see it finished.

Barbara said...

Good for you for going on with the banner in spite of a miscount somewhere. I think it looks amazing - I can't spot the "errors" at all!

Jenna said...

Your Stitch banner looks wonderful, Von! What color are you using in the scotch stitch border? I'm glad that you were able to fudge whatever counting errors you had. I found those kinds of mistakes easy to do on this one. I can't wait to get back to my Spring banner someday! :)

Isabelle said...

Your piece is so beautiful, Von. And with all your adjustments it is truly yours! the mistakes don't show at all.

Rachael said...

They're not mistakes but an artistic change of your choice- whatever it is beautiful! Strangly I have checked your blog everyday but only today gotten the entry's after the one of the 19th. Very wierd.