Friday, June 30, 2006

Renovation Hassles and Woes

The end of another week and the start of a long holiday weekend, altho with all the renovations going on, I don't think it's going to be much of a holiday for us. I could sure use a holiday about now tho!

Still waiting for the inside trim to be installed on several of our windows, our bedroom windows to be exact (plus a couple others). With no trim, that means no curtains/blinds have been reinstalled, and I had to express a little frustration with the window company today. Generally, I'm pretty easy to deal with, don't like to make waves or make people unhappy with me, but two weeks of no privacy has worn my patience down. So word is that they are making up the trim pieces today and being installed tomorrow. Heard it before, yada yada. . .

Monday, the HVAC people were supposed to start the project. But they can't because we don't have the access hole put in, oh and that installation isn't in the bid. Argh! Wednesday the guy comes in to make a big hole in my ceiling, exposing the house to the attic and it's 108 degrees outside! He closed it off as best he could, we knew there would be hassles, we'll deal with it.

God be praised, Thursday was cool and rainy! No one expected that! The hvac guys arrive at 6:15 a.m. expecting it to be a hot day, and get started crawling around the attic installing registers. They left for awhile, but ended up coming back to continue working because it was so cool - I think the high temp was about 73 degrees. Here you can see the new vents in the living room. Not the loveliest of things, but you really don't notice them after awhile. :D

The one huge disappointment for me is that because the air handler will have to be installed in the garage and not the attic, the outside unit has to be located on the opposite end of the house than we'd planned - in my rose garden next to the garage. Now it's not all planted up yet, but my plans were set and now have to be redone. Took me awhile to get over that one, but we'll install a trellis around the dumb thing, plant a climber on it, and it'll be o.k.

Today is hot again - and muggy because of yesterday's rain. The guys showed up early again worked till about 10 a.m. and went to the next job. The attic heats up really fast. Early this afternoon the electrician came by to check out the site and formulate his plan - we'll see him again Wednesday. Now we have three days with no progress, but the hvac guys will be back on Tuesday, the 4th! They get their holiday on Monday.

Took yesterday off from going through junk to try to catch up on laundry. Got through about five loads and some ironing, and matched up socks in the sock bin - still have a couple more loads to do. Eight people in the house equals TONS of laundry, even with some kid help! :)

Well, in the midst of this frustration, two really nice things came to me today. But that will have to wait for a post all its own.


KarenV said...

So sorry you're experiencing frustrations Von, especially the bit about the rose garden :( I hope it all comes together soon and you can all relax and enjoy your new, improved home!

Lelia said...

Sorry to hear your garden plans are disrupted. But think about when this is ALL DONE. How wonderful & cozy it all will be.

Enjoy the week-end & holiday

lena-lou said...

Goodness it is non stop at yours at the moment, very annoying when plans have to be altered but I'm sure you will have the garden pretty whatever it has to fit around :-)As for's like shovelling snow in a blizzard isn't it!!
Hope your weekend is good :-)