Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A New Way of Life

Today DH called the hvac company to schedule the installation of a new system. They will begin June 26, the week following the installation of all the new windows. A new central a/c system is going to totally change the way we live in this house during the summer. For 19 years, I've put fans in several windows at night to bring in the cool night air, then closing down the house mid-morning. There are times during the summer when it just doesn't cool off, then we just have to make do with running the one wall unit. Really, it hasn't been too bad when it's just us, but I hate to make guests endure our hot house, especially those who visit us from the wet side of the state and really melt in the heat. Soon, every room in the house will be a comfortable temperature year round without my having to micromanage each room.

Then, of course, there is the new back yard going in and it will soon be a wonderful place to spend time, entering the basement family room from two sliding glass doors. These doors are going to change the look of the family room and bring in so much more light. It's certainly a lot of very big changes to have happen all in one month, but they are changes for which I've been more than ready for about four years, and thought about for much longer.

Also keeping me busy this week is preparing for my monthly Bunco game, which I am hosting this month. I have my theme thought out and tomorrow I'll be pulling everything all together and cleaning house on Thursday! DD Melanie is preparing to graduate from community college in a couple of weeks, so party planning is underway as well. Last night DH and Melanie went out for a photo shoot and here are a couple of nice ones.

This next one was taken in a new tiny "park" next to an intersection. DH has been wanting to stop in there thinking that it might be a great spot to take pictures and he finally had that opportunity. The landscapers installed quite a few of these basalt pillars that Melanie is sitting on. They have become very popular around here.


Barbara said...

I can imagine how excited you are to "finally" get your backyard and house done the way you'd like. I'm excited for you!

Your DH is a good photographer, and your DD is a good model. Great pics!

Isabelle said...

Your daughter is beautiful, Von!

Karen said...

Central A/C will be so nice for you. I don't know how you bare the heat!

Congratulations to your daughter for graduating from college.

Karen said...

Oops! "Bear" the heat I mean, not "bare". LOL

Karoline said...

THe photo's of your daughter are lovely Von, congratulations on the new a/c

Amy Sue said...

I can't believe how grown up Melanie looks- I haven't seen her since Mystie's wedding! She's beautiful- she looks so much like you! It's sad that I remember when she was born. It makes me feel old. At least I don't remember Geoff being born! Congrats on the AC, you need it over there- I don't know how you do it in the summer with out it! I just about died in Pullman!

Dianne said...

Melanie is a lovely subject. I like the one with her sitting with her paintbrushes.
We got AC back in '97 right when I was recovering from my bout of Lyme Disease. It really has been a God spend as your entire house will be equally cool (on the most part). I am glad to see someone getting things they want and need. : )
Oh...I like your SBQ photos too! I posted some myself.

Rachael said...

Melanie looks so pretty - you must be so proud!

I am watching your house improvements with intrest. Even if I don't comment I am following them closly and am very interested in mnew windows and A/C. Maybe because we rent , I am improving vicariously.

Jenna said...

Wow! What major changes are coming to your house! It's a very exciting time, as is Melanie's graduation. She looks like a very beautiful woman. I bet you are so proud of her! :)