Monday, May 01, 2006

Beautiful Days But

Towards the end of the day Saturday, the clouds piled up and the wind started to blow. Soon, the rain came crashing down upon us (happily dh and I were enjoying Mongolian Grill at the time) for about ten minutes. But a couple of hours later the wind had a chance to really grab hold of the dust in this area and began to drive it into all surfaces. The weather stations issued dust storm warnings and it was definitely hazardous to be out on the highway for a couple of hours. I heard there was a hailstorm 100 miles to the east with golf ball sized hail - ouch! By midnight, the wind had calmed and Sunday was another glorious day. If we didn't have these squalls, it would be tremendously boring to live here, hehehe.

DH and the boys started out the day loading up a ton of stuff from the yard, and old materials from the house into our friend's pickup (thanks Paul!), then off to the waste facility they went. When I was a kid, we went to the dump. When I called Waste Management for their rates, I thought we might have 300 lbs., but I grossly underestimated the weight. We kept on finding things that should go! It's great having it gone, but there's still more clean up that needs to be done.

Friday evening's stamp club was lots of fun as usual. As hostess for this month's meeting, I picked up a tiramisu at Costco to go with the pots of coffee the gals usually drink. Oh yummmmm! Janet had a little shadow box project for us; it's always such fun to go home with a finished project. And since I was hostess, I was able to get two free stamp sets and some supplies from the earnings of the meeting! More toys to play with. :)

The parade of landscapers has started coming through my back yard beginning with one on Saturday, another today, and another tomorrow. To have someone else do all the hardscaping is going to be more money than we want to spend - the list of projects is just too long to spend such a large chunk of the budget on a patio. By the end of the week we should have all the estimates in hand and we can get on with the project. Now I need to talk with some hvac companies about upgrading the air conditioning in this house and get the glass company out for an estimate to replace the windows.

No stitching this weekend, just yard work and talking about house projects.


Rachael said...

Yup-we called it the dump tot. Here it is the recycling center and you have to throw everything into different dumpsters depending on what it is . It lacks some of the satisfaction of standing in the truck bed and sending things sailing into pile of garbage at the dump. But is surly more "green" . Good luck with your landscapers.

Isabelle said...

I loved going to the dump with my father too! Sometimes we also made a fire in the middle of a waste next to our house (it was allowed!), to burn stuff from the garden. What fun! :)

Love your stamp project :)

Good luck on making your decisions with the landscapers!

Lelia said...

Wow Von, you are so into the home upgrade mode! Just think how beautiful it will all look once finished. So pretty, you won't want to venture out of your yard!!

Nice to get some free stamps to 'play' with.

Enjoy the day

Jenna said...

You go girl! You are really getting things done at your house. :)

Maybe you can teach me some stamping techniques? Especially around cardmaking. I just don't have much creativity!

Ali B said...

All the very best with your exciting project Von, its very liberating having a big clean up and seeing the good results! The Tiramisu and coffee you had with your craft group sounded yummy! Thanks so much for visiting me on my blog it was lovely to hear from you again. Its nice to feel back in the land of the living after having my head in my books :-) Hugs Ali xx

Elly L. said...

Such a pity you have to pay to throw things away - but I'm sure it's worth it! Good luck with your landscaping and other home projects!

StitchCat said...

Oh I love landscape much fun, listening to what the customer wants and adding a bit of creative licence (with their say so). As well as private houses, I have done schools and kindergartens (they were fun) and was even going to do a whole new housing subdivision, but that was put on hold because of council holdups. You wont know yourself when its all done :)

Lili said...

Well, works in the house are awful to go through, but the prospect of having it all fixed the way you want is great, though!
You're such a creative person, Von!
Take care!

Annemarie said...

What a busy lady you are, Von! Good luck with the landscaping. Congrats on finishing the letter P, by the way. It looks wonderful!