Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Fun in the Thistles

After finishing my DT Summer Spot, I decided to pull out this delightful design by M Designs, Thistle Treasure Bag. AnneS mailed it to me when she finished stitching it in February and I didn't want to waste anymore time before stitching it for myself. She graciously included all her leftover threads; looks like I'll need to supplement some DMC, but there has been enough of the overdyes so far. I'm stitching it on a 32ct medium blue linen that I bought on my recent Seattle trip, which I think complements the threads nicely.

This quick little project is just what I need. I was reviewing my finish list for the year so far and found that it's quite short - much longer than any previous year - but I want a longer list, lol! Even if it consists of small projects.

We've had some lovely weather this week, temps in the 70s. I've taken some time in the afternoon to work in my yard. Yesterday I moved three roses that I just heeled in last fall. Today I did some cleanup in the back and sprayed roundup on all the weeds. They're huge! Did an inspection of my hoses and found one with a huge hole that I discarded. Tomorrow I'll do some more clean up and perhaps begin taking out some old plants where we plan to have a patio. Some of the plants I believe I'll be able to divide and replant elsewhere. If and when I ever have something decent to photograph, I'll share my progress with you.

Do you do obligation or deadline-based stitching? Why or why not? If
you do, do you tend to get in over your head and why?

This question was asked by dear Jenna whose heart is as big as the outdoors and has taken on some wonderful projects for others as well as oftentimes stitching model pieces for designers. As for me, I do very little deadline stitching, other than a gift now and then. I so enjoy seeing everyone participating in the various exchanges and round robins, but know that with everything I must juggle right now, I just cannot juggle stitching deadlines too. My stitching is my oasis in the busyness of daily life and I need to keep it as such for the foreseeable future.


Carol said...

Nice start to you Thistle Bag :-)

StitchCat said...

Sounds like you have been very productive in the garden...Im envious. We had fine weather here today...had to clean my glasses...couldnt believe what i was seeing. lovely start to you thistle bag too.

KarenV said...

Nice start on the Thistle bag Von - the colours look pretty on that fabric.

Congratulations on finishing Spot of Summer too, it looks great! I might join you, Katrina and Cathy on DT Thursdays and stitch on my Necessaire :)

Lelia said...

Good Answer to the SBQ!! Nice start on the thistle bag, too.

Lovely Shep Bush project. Are you going to purchase all the charms? I sorta remember there being charms for these designs.

Take Care Von!

Jenna said...

Hmmmm... do you think you'd be willing to route that thistle chart in my direction when you're done? ;)

Thanks for your answer to the SBQ I suggested. You are so sweet! I can totally appreciate that stitching is your oasis, as it is mine, as well. That's part of why I'm going to try to regain a balance (which, for a little while, is going to consist of me stitching primarily for myself for a while). :)