Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sunny Winter Day

We had a lovely, sunny winter day today. If it had been much nicer, I would have been outside in my garden! But instead, Kirsten and Hans decided to draw with chalk on the driveway, then they went out on the deck and cleaned it up for me. They swept off the debris that had been blown in, then they took out the cardboard that had piled up - what sweet children!! Kirsten and Hans enjoy working on little cleaning projects together and I'm the happy recipient as "housework done inperfectly still blesses your family," as Flylady would say!

DD #1 has decided to begin a new xs project! This afternoon before leaving to teach her class, she brought over the floba fabric she bought off Ebay with some DMC. I brought out my boxes of DMC to pull colors and we had a very nice time planning out her project together. I warned her that DMC had changed some of the colors awhile back, and sure enough when she came back from Michaels with floss she had chosen from my stash, the colors were indeed different. But the new colors worked even better, so the story ends happily.

Next I was going to show you some more pics of the VS trunk show, but Blogger isn't cooperating with me this evening. So I'm going to stitch and try again in the morning!


Litla Skvís said...

Blogger is so picky! I hope you get to upload the pictures soon as I am excited to see them. All the VS pictures you have shared are just stunning!

Barbara said...

Sounds like a lovely family day at your house. Very, very nice. Thanks for sharing!

BeckySC said...

Von, your Winter Banner is so lovely :) Congratulations :)

Oh, I agree! Help with housework in whatever form is a blessing :) :) :) What a sweet family :)

hugs to you :)

Patti said...

LOL Can you send your little cleaners here next? My porch needs sweeping. And how fun to play in the stash with your DD. Enjoy the weather.

Rachael said...

Sounds like a fun time with your daughter. I taught my Mom to stitch last summer and I hope when I go back this year we can have this kind of fun. Kirsten and Hans sound like dears. I may have to print out your blog and wave under the noses of my beasties.

Lili said...

My DD is also trying cross stitch at the moment (a heart, with variegated thread) and she will have it completed hopefully in a year or two...LOL!
Anyway, it's great to share this complicity!
Take care!