Friday, February 10, 2006

A Perfect Project?

Today's SBQ was suggested by Nancy
( and is:

Describe your "perfect" project. (Include the designer or specific
pattern, the fabric, the floss, and anything else that would make that
project "perfect" for you.)


Wow, this is a difficult question! There are so many designs that I love and wish I had time to stitch that I really can't choose one as "perfect". However, I can think of a perfect stitching scenario, lol! How about stitching with Thea Dueck and a room full of enthusiastic stitchers, on a VS exclusive design with all the luscious silk threads she uses. No worries about preparing meals or other mundane household duties to disturb our stitching. Plenty of great food, friends, and stitching. That's a Victoria Sampler stitching holiday in Victoria, B.C.

Last night we had a nice family dinner, then I rushed out for my monthly Bunco game. Once again, I walked away without winning anything. Don't get me wrong - this makes me quite happy! You see, I had a very long lucky streak where I won more times than not, so I'm quite content to see those prizes going to someone else. It's just fun to have an excuse to get together and play a silly game.

Here are the last two pages of the Hearts of America album. I'm glad so many of you have some of these in your stash or have stitched some. They are fun - almost instant gratification!


Barbara said...

Bunco? I'll have to go Google that. I never win anything - I'd probably faint if I did!

I'm having a great time thinking of what my perfect stitching project would consist of :-).

Bastet said...

I see a heart I've done and boy does the picture on your blog make me want to really hide my hearts from the company. Thanks for the peek!

BeckySC said...

Ok Von, you have had too much fun with this trunk show :) LOL!!! I have loved every share :) Thank you so much :)!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
hugs :)

Lnanaa said...

Wow that looks awesome! I've been thinking about learning new stitches from VS too. They have beautiful designs. :)

Elly L. said...

I've never heard of Bunco, either. I have been known to attend the Dutch Blitz Chick's Dutch Blitz Mondays (every other Monday, in Woodburn), though, even though I dislike games, as a rule, and utterly detest speed games like that one. But it was so nice to get together with friends and chat over cards and cookies! Women need those get-togethers, don't you think?

cathymk said...

Hi Von, It's been an experience looking at all that VS! I'd love to do one of thier cyberclasses one day. The stitchers holiday sounds like a dream doesn't it!

Carol said...

Thanks again for sharing the VS Trunk Show - I noticed you don't want to reply to me at all, so I will leave you alone now. But thanks again.