Monday, January 30, 2006

Tagged Twice

Ok, I've been tagged twice for this "Meme of Fives" thing, so guess I'd better get with it!

Recent Runes
AngelSan Creation
Ali B Creations

Here are the people I am tagging:

Amy Sue - Diaper Days
Dawn - Crafters Creations
Barbara - Mainely Stitching

Here are the topics:

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago my twins were two years old. God was teaching me that I didn't have it together as much as I thought I did!!

Five snacks you enjoy.
1. Crackers and cheese
2. Nachos
3. M&Ms
4. Scones
5. Pretzels

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now.
Toooo many to name! Lots of hymns and Top 40 from late 60s and the 70s - really dating myself, lol!

Five things you would do if you had one million dollars
1. Give to my church.
2. Build a new house
3. Put my kids thru college
4. Pay the orthodontist for the four kids yet to get braces!
5. Take a trip to Europe

Five bad habits.
1. Procrastination
2. Putting things off
3. Not keeping up with my laundry
4. Not exercising enough
5. Grumpiness

Five things you like doing:
1. Driving
2. Stitching
3. Watching tv/movies
4. Sewing
5. Planning a new project

Five things you would never buy, wear or get new again.

1. a halter top
2. a motorcycle
3. heels higher than 2 inches
4. a pet rat or other rodent
5. aida fabric

Five favourite toys

1. sewing machine
2. serger
3. my SUV
4. new computer :)
5. our travel trailer


Lanie said...

Mommy, if you had a million dollars would you send me to the Art Institute? I think that would nearly clean the whole million out. =3


Lili said...

I'm curious: why never again a rodent?

Von said...

Lili - The again part of that question doesn't apply to rodents, lol! I wouldn't EVER let the kids have a rat, gerbil, or guinea pig in the house - just my own problem. If they want one when they leave my house - great :)))

Connie said...

LOL, Von! Isn't procratination and putting things off the same thing?
I was able to access your blog at work but still not at home!

Von said...

Lol! Yes they are the same, but it's what I struggle with the most so thought it deserved more space :)

Amy Sue said...

That's funny, I was gonna ask the same thing, but you had already posted again, so I figured I missed my chance! lol! I think too much like my mother.