Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stash Shopping

For the first time since September, today's SBQ was suggested by none
other than yours truly and is:

Do you do your stash shopping at your LNS, ONS, or both? Which do you
like better? Why?

I've bought plenty of stash at my LNS (when I have one) and with an ONS. It's great fun getting a package in the mail now and then; and it's also wonderful to go into a shop, browse, see what's new, chat with the shop owner, pet the silks. It's very hard to say which I like better!! Currently, I have no LNS, sigh. So the next best thing for me is The Needlework Studio in Boise. We visit Boise several times a year and I always try to go in and pick up a few things. And now if I want something, I will just call them and have them send it to me - kinda the best of both worlds!


Cathy said...

I like my local LNS - it quite handy when you need another skein of thread. Unfortunately, they don't stay current on many of the new designs out there, so I do also shop online. I think I do my share of supporting both!

AnneS said...

Von, you're a genius!! When you mentioned the 'extra code' you had to add onto the end of the Blog URL for NewsGator, I remembered ... I checked my RSS feed info on my template (I'd only just found it be accident earlier last week when looking for something else) and found what I needed ... you have to add /atom.xml to the end - I just tried it on one of the blogs that wouldn't work, and yippee I'm in business!! You're great!! :))

Ali B said...

Hi Von, Great SBQ Question of the Week! I enjoy going to my local shop called Hobbycraft (which is near where I work) as its good to support shops when the Internet is such a big threat to their survival and they do provide a personal service. Sad fact of life is that such stores cannot afford to hold every kit in stock so shopping on-line is made easy and is cheaper, so I must admit I make big purchases on-line. Its such fun to wait for a nice big parcel to arrive in the post - its like our magazine subscriptions, something good to look forward to! Enjoy your day! Hugs Ali xx

Barbara said...

Good question!

I would love to have a real stones & mortar LNS to spend my money at, but after some trial & error, I'm pretty happy with the ONSs I've found.