Saturday, January 14, 2006

Another Rainy Day

I know this rain is good and this is the time of year we get rain, but I could use a sun break about now! The longer it's gray outside, the more I want to just cocoon inside my house and not come out, perhaps to stitch or sleep. The newspaper announced that last year we received 7 inches of precipitation, so these gray days don't really last long. And there's nothing wrong with staying home!

We received some good news from Boise yesterday that my DFIL is doing better and making some progress in breathing more deeply and getting more oxygen on his own. I'm sure he's still receiving additional oxygen - but that's infinitely better than being intubated. The road ahead is a long one; we're praying there are no more backtracks or detours!

I haven't made much progress on my next stitching project. I thought I would get started on VS Winter Banner and actually get all four of them done in a year! So start I did, while also in the beginnings of a sinus infection. I didn't measure very well, started in the wrong place and now must frog it all and start again. Luckily, I hadn't gotten very far along.

My computer is still down and out. It's hard to fit my priorities in with the resident computer experts, lol! I'm still hopeful that they'll be able to retrieve my info and fix my baby.

I'm not sure what I'll get accomplished today. I should be cleaning out my bedroom so that we can begin redecorating it for dd Melanie. But I don't do jobs like that well on a rainy day. I'll probably do some ironing and match socks - you should see my sock bin!! Well, it's really a laundry basket and all the socks get thrown into it as laundry is pulled from the dryer. Sometimes I grab a group of kids and we all have a sock matching party, lol! The basket is full again, but I'm missing my twins (overniting with a friend) so it'll probably be Kirsten and me. Luckily, she's still in that "I love to help my mom" stage!


Cathy said...

Hopefully the sun will find it's way to Washington soon. So glad to hear that your DFIL is doing better.

Litla Skvís said...

A sock party sounds like fun. Sounds more fun than folding socks ;o)

Terri said...

The rain here in Seattle is getting to be a drag. I'm wearing my umbrella out going to and from work each day!!! It stopped raining this morning though. Is the end in sight. Ooh la la!!

Can't wait to see you sampler

BeckySC said...

Wish I could bag up some sunshine to send to you my friend :) :) :)
Sending sunny thoughts's that???


KarenV said...

Glad to hear that your FIL's health is slightly improved, Von. Hope he continues to make good progress.

The sock party sounds great!

Mystie said...

While packing last week I combed through my stash box of various pieces of projects and potential projects. I found a pattern hidden away that I'd like to start once we're moved and unpacked (although realistically it might have to wait until the end of the school year). I'll have to bring it by Thursday to show you and you can help me find the materials to make it up (it's in gold on navy, but I'd like to change the colors).

It's been a long time since I've stitched, but I think I can actually handle this pattern -- we'll see what you think! :)