Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Here's a photo of my smocking progress as of this morning. I have a few more bullion roses to stitch, some leaves on the side of each, and the embroidery will be complete!! I'm very pleased with the colors and design. It's going to be adorable on some little girl. Bishop dresses are the sweetest thing a little girl can wear - I wanted my last daughter to wear nothing but a bishop years ago! Of course, I wasn't able to produce that many dresses as she was baby number seven :)

Last evening I attended parent/teacher conferences at the private school my DS14 attends. Being 14 and a boy getting through puberty, schoolwork isn't high on his priority list. I know it's been difficult motivating him to do the studies I have planned for him at home, and I didn't expect that he was much different at Coram Deo - which was correct. I was relieved to learn that he's carrying at least a solid C and he's a good kid in class. He is smart, it's just getting him to see it and then applying it to his work.

I'll end with a photo of my daughter and her friends on the little float they decorated for Saturday's Veterans Parade. Kirsten is in the middle under the TA of Heritage.


Barbara said...

That dress is just adorable. Incredible. Wow.

AnneS said...

Your smocking looks absolutely beautiful! I have to admit to not being a smocking fan - but this even appeals to me ;) Boy it looks cold on that float! It always seems strange being in the 'other' hemisphere - we're stripping off in the spring/summer heat, while over there you're bundling up for autumn/winter.