Sunday, November 13, 2005

Finished in the Nick of Time

Friday at noon was the deadline for getting silent auction items to the church. I finished sewing on the last button at 11:30 and zipped over to get it in just under the wire! My sewing timeline last week was going along so well and I figured I'd finish up after Bunco Thursday evening. Well, I sat down at my sewing machine to start sewing the buttonholes and I just couldn't get them to come out right - and they're so easy!! I knew I was leaving one vital step out. So I opened my file drawer to reference my instruction manual - not there!

I know that the thing is here somewhere; after all, I have been working on reorganizing this space. But of course, I couldn't find it when I needed it. Just as I was about to give up and go to bed, Kirsten came downstairs to tell me she didn't feel well, then ran to the bathroom to throw up. Poor thing! I stayed up a little longer with her until she seemed to be finished and we both went to bed.

Friday morning I visited my nearby Janome dealer who actually had another manual in his back room that I could buy. I told him my problem and he said, "Oh, I bet you didn't pull down the bar to the buttonhole foot! I'm forgetting that all the time!" Slap my forehead - that was it!! I also noticed that they are selling Bosch mixers and asked him about getting a replacement for my ancient Bosch blender. He said that the new blender parts still fit even the old one I have. How could that be? No one does that anymore!! Well, bless the Bosch company I have a new blender accessory for my mixer!! Now I can make my blender pancakes again - yippee!! I get home, finish up the buttonholes and buttons - phew, end of story.

I was very happy with the dress and the mother of the little girl who received the dress is thrilled with it (Grandma bought it for her). She'd like me to make a coordinating one for her older girl. They would look awfully sweet - and my daughter does seem to be slow at giving me granddaughters - so I'll see what I can do.

Saturday Kirsten was feeling better and more than ready to go to two birthday parties! In the morning, the two of us did a little shopping for the birthdays and also for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes that we prepare every year. Party No. 1 was in W. Richland, a bit of a drive so instead of going back home during the party, I headed over to Starbucks in Richland for a huge latte and a couple hours of uninterrupted planning time. That was heavenly! The rest of the day I spent wrapping up some shoe boxes, then watching a movie on HBO with my DH. I hadn't seen Spanglish yet, so turned it on, missing about the first ten minutes. I was quite impressed by it - imagine movie characters putting the good of their children ahead of their own desires. I didn't think I'd ever like an Adam Sandler movie, but I've been proven wrong twice now! (50 First Dates being the other movie.)

Now it's Sunday and I've been catching up on all the stitchers' blogs I subscribe to on Newsgator. I also should be correcting some schoolwork before it backlogs on me to the point that I don't have the courage to face it, lol!


Connie said...

Von, the dress turned out beautiful!!! how sweet! You had a very newsy and long post today! Thanks for the nudge, I have updated mine tonight too.


AnneS said...

Your smocking turned out beautifully - and it's lovely it was so well received! Sounds like you've been really busy - but good that you had chance for some 'down time' too ... I love that movie 50 First Dates as well - it's a great watch. Will have to check out Spanglish later ... I love to see movies - that's my 2nd fave hobby after stitching LOL.

Mystie said...

But whenever that granddaughter is born, you can realize your dream of a girl who lives in bishop or other smocked dresses -- I can't imagine a Geneva wearing anything else! :)

Barbara said...

Gorgeous dress and I bet the grandma who bought it was over the moon with happiness.

My mom couldn't wait for me to have kids, and then when I finally did it was boy - boy - and finally a little girl. Well worth waiting for!

junesctung said...

Bet you made a little girl very happy and proud to be dressed in this beautiful smocked bishop.