Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Autumn Banner is Finished

The beads were sewn on last night and I triumphantly freed the banner from the surrounding linen! I wish I could remember the color of linen it's stitched on, but some of the threads used were:

Splendor silk, #S979
Mori, #4167
Waterlilies, 061 Harvest

And the beads I used were leftover dark mauve hex beads from "With My Needle" by Just Nan.

By this time the kids were in bed, so thought I'd lay out the fabric for the smocked bishop dress and get it cut out. As I'm still not very confident in my skills (maybe I'll get over it in another fifteen years), I work rather slowly, trying to get everything right. But cutting out a bishop is very simple is quickly accomplished. Today I'll try to get my serger out and sew the sleeve pieces to the front and back and I'll be ready to pleat!


Lelia said...

Wow! The Autumn Banner is lovely. Doing a happy dance with you.

Your stamp collection looks massive! You are a creative person. How many hobbies to you dabble in?

Von said...

Thanks for joining me in the dance, Lelia.

Dabbling is the correct word for my hobbies! With so many people to keep up with, a little here and there is about all that happens. I love needlework of all types, but I have chosen to not pursue quilting - I just don't have the space. I do enjoy stamping, so I make cards and scrapbook now and then. I enjoy reading, and have been doing quite a bit of gardening/landscaping this year.

Stay tuned. . . you'll see :)

AnneS said...

Von, I tracked you down :) Your autumn banner is absolutely stunning!! I think I'll have to join the happy dance throng ;)